Hello. Welcome to the Community Breakthrough Support Mission Gardening Vocational Training Program site. Our program teaches women co-ops and youths from our Youth Vision program about sustainable agriculture and good business practices. The participants formed their co-ops under supervision of community elders, and work in collaboration to implement good farming practices and create small-scale garden businesses. The practices taught and used in our program focus on counteracting the devastation the persisting drought has and is creating in our community.

Community Breakthrough Support Mission is a community of people helping to educate and care for 250 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Kimilili, Kenya. Kimilili is located in West Kenya, near to the border with Uganda.

The CBSM Gardening Vocational Training Program endeavours to tackle poverty reduction for the poorest children in the village and provide food security in our community households. Using relatively small amounts of money, we have already improved the outcome for our orphaned and vulnerable children. We created this program principally for the benefit of our children’s health, for the empowerment of women and to support vocational learning in our Youth Vision project.